Sunday, August 14, 2011

I fell behind with posting birthdays on Facebook. So, here are the birthdays for July and August on the blog.

July 4th, Josselin turned 4 years old.

July 20th, Naomy turned 5 years old.

August 4th, Danna turned 3 years old.

August 6th, Marian turned 3 years old.

August 18th, Anyi will turn 3 years old.

August 19th, Estefani will turn 6 years old.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Current Needs for Mololoa

Gifts for Special Occasions (for kids and adults):
journal books
hot wheels cars
beanie babies / small stuffed animals
McDonald's toys

FeMorZa Daycare needs:
toys of all types
ride-on toys
large dump trucks for outside play
jump ropes
sand pails
cars (all sizes)
construction paper
coloring books
copy paper
pencils / pens
adult cough medicine
adult Tylenol
children's cough medicine
children's Tylenol
ice packs
wet wipes
sipi cups

The Manna Project Feeding Center needs:
Kool aid mix
pencils / pens
ice packs
adult Tylenol
knives for chopping and slicing
potato peelers
cutting boards
rags / dish towels
large pots

School Scholarship Program needs:
pencils / pens
permanent markers
dry erase markers
colored pencils
sets of markers
spiral notebooks
white out

Jennifer and the kids

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

February Events

The kids continue to love the playground.

Four babies - two hands - lots of work.

Celebrating Valentines' Day - Dunkin Donuts Style.

Our lovely bridge that goes up to five feet high to get to the feeding center.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas in Mololoa

I have recently signed up for two facebook accounts (one personal and one for "Mololoa Ministries"). It is much easier and faster than the blog to upload photos, so I have posted a lot for the month of December. However, to avoid having to upload all the photos all over again, I am only posting a few on the blog but am including a link for public view of additional photos for those of you who are not already connected to facebook.

Decorating the daycare with the help of Gringos visiting.

For more photos, click on the following link:

On the 11th, all of the workers and their families gathered to have a Christmas party.

To view more photos, go to this website:

The Daycare Family Day was a big hit for all involved. Below are pictures of most of the families that came to enjoy the time together.

I was so exhausted by the end of the day--can you tell? :)

To view more photos, there are four sites with photos of the one day:

On Christmas Eve day, the ladies cooked a special lunch for the kids. They left at noon to have a longer day with their families. I stayed to clean what felt like a million dishes.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010